Saturday, January 10, 2009

Parkour and 2009

While everything I've done in 2008 has technically been parkour in that I have been using the parkour philosophy of personal advancement, I haven't actually done much parkour in 2008.

2009 will see me return to playing music regularly, but also return to parkour specific training. To do this, I will have to reassess my skills, strengths and weaknesses as I have changed physically and mentally in the last year. For example, I feel like I am much stronger that I was before in both in leg and arm strength as well as my core body so things such as jumping and pulling myself up will hopefully see an increase. On the other hand, having not moved at any speed among obstacles, I will have lost co-ordination and confidence. Finally, there are aspects which will have, for better or worse, not changed. I will still be rubbish at landing with any degree of elegance, I'll still be heavy on my feet landing and heavy on my wrists when taking off. I'm also going to be just as good, if not better at balancing. My Muay Thai training has given me much better balance through training stance, movement and having to deliver kicks. A lot of my fight training focused on my footwork and movement so I can take that aspect across to my parkour training. Despite being different sports the training, especially psychologically, is very similar.

My diet and eating habits are much better than then were a few years ago but this aspect still needs work as I'm still too tempted to take chocolate over fruit, for example - even when I would prefer fruit to chocolate. I'm not sure why this happens and as soon as I eat my chocolate i know that I would have preferred a banana or a plum. It must just be habit and I'll have to work harder throughout this year to break it. All credit for my advances in diet have to go to my wife Lynn though, she has been organizing the meals for the two of us via a monthly meal planner and cooking the majority of the meals from scratch. here's an example of what we've been eating in a week (just evening meals):

Butternut Squash Curry
Parsnip Soup
Moussaka (the only thing on this list that I make!)

We've built up quite a library of cookbooks in order to get more meals for our monthly planner and some of the curries in particular are spectacular! We have Parsee Red Curry and Pistachio and Chicken Curry to look forward to in February for example, which are both from a book called "50 Great Curries Of India" by Camellia Panjabi which Lynn got for Christmas from my brother Ross.

I've not yet written down what I wish to achieve in 2009 but Parkour and music will feature for sure. The final bit of news I have is an exciting opportunity which I didn't expect or plan for, but am more than happy to embrace. Schools in Angus are interested in giving their pupils the opportunity to try different sports which they cannot provide in a typical PE lesson and thanks to Colin's hard work, Muay Thai is one of them! Starting next Friday, we will be hosting workshops in various secondary schools throughout Angus, starting with Forfar Academy. I never even thought about teaching Muay Thai but I've been helping teach in class and Colin asked me to help him host these workshops as he has recognised that I am comfortable and quite good at teaching kids and teenagers, which is a huge boost to my confidence and self belief.

cheers for reading, I'll update when something has happened with parkour training. I don;t fancy going out just now, the rain could take the skin off a man!
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TraceurDavid said...

Nice move on the diet, i too have begun to take mines alot more seriously. Ill add you up and start following your blogs, hope to hear about some good training soon.

kieraninmotion said...

Cheers man, I've realised there is much more discipline involved in changing your whole way of eating than I previously thought. peace.