Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year

So, that's pretty much another year over and what have I achieved?

Well, I had a fight - one of the life goals I set myself.  I've also decided on a career path which will provide enough scope for different work. Hopefully I'll be a chartered psychologist in a few years, helping me help other people.

Next year I will go to University for the first time to study Psychology so I'll most probably be moving to Dundee. This will be the first time I've lived in a city and somewhere else than Arbroath.

I plan on starting parkour movement training again next year as well as playing music. Vulsellum will be writing an album and sorting out a summer tour and gigs hopefully; Welcome Home, Explorer will be getting started again with our new guitarist and finally, I formed a new band, Duncan Idaho so that I can still play punk music.

Next year looks like it will be just as busy as 2008, which is fine by me - the devil makes work for idle hands!
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