Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday - Detox day 1

Well today I started my detox with one less tooth. :(

I was up all Sunday night with mega toothache because of my poor diet and lack of oral hygeine. The irony has not escaped me!

I got my tooth pulled out on Monday morning and didn't get anything to eat until about 12, which was an apple sliced up really small so I could eat it without damaging my raw socket. Then my pal Graham came across with a ham and egg roll which actually looked awesome! :(

Had a stir fry in the evening which contained beansprouts, courgettes, green and red peppers, carrots, leek, red onion, mushrooms and cabbage. I know it's not raw but it's a stir fry so it's not exactly cooked either! Plus, it was cooked in unrefined sesame oil, which adds points! haha!

Bought bananas, apples, strawberries and oragnes at the shop with Lynn on Monday afternoon after she had finished work. We missed the market stall on the high street that sells locally grown fruit and veg so we went to Lidl instead because they have a big sale on fruit and veg. I don't know how Lidl treat their suppliers, or if they have the same methods as tesco et al but that's not my main concern at this moment!

Veggie box should come today! Hav to get down the street and pick a birthday present for my dad too because I've forgotten it's his birthday on Wednesday and so has my brother! Also, Lynn and I have to buy things for the housewith with our engagement present money from my Aunt.