Saturday, August 19, 2006


Boxing has been estimated as approximately 70-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic. Anaerobic means to conduct an activity without oxygen. Anaerobic exercise, like boxing, stresses the muscles at a high intensity for short periods of time.

I see similarities between parkour and boxing. I would estimate that training parkour is 70-80% anaerobic too. I think that boxing will bring me the sort of discipline and commitment to training that I need.

On top of that, my friend wants to try out boxing too and he reckons he could wipe the floor with me...!

Lets the games begin ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Traceur!

I met a Ukrainian called Anton the other day.

I was practicing balance at one of my usual "spots", which just happens to be outside a supermarket. Anton was doing shopping and he spotted me. We swapped numbers and arranged to meet up last night (Monday).

He told me that he had only been training for 3 months but his abilities would lead me to believe he has been training for much longer!

As he is not from Arbroath we went around town, with me showing him places where I go and him scouting for more locations. We had a brilliant time and we have arranged to meet up again on Wednesday, when we will be joined by one or two more. :D

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Job

I got a job at the local college as a receptionist!

This will hopefully let me buy a new pair of trainers and get a flat so I can sort out my training properly.

On Monday I started my roadwork programme. I've not exercised regularly since I stopped playing football competitively about 4 years ago and before I found parkour my only exercise was drumming about 6-8 hours a week. For this reason I have decided to "ease" myself into regular exercise, starting with roadwork.

My roadwork programme basically consists of a 2 mile run twice. I can't do running in the morning as I don't have a regular place to sleep, so I can't be guaranteed a shower after I've been running! I decided to just do the two miles twice (with a 10 minute rest in between) at a regular time each night - 2230. I've so far only done two of these and I can honestly say that although my legs feel like jelly afterwards I wake up feeling brilliant!

Once I'm settled into a flat I intend on stepping things up a gear. I will do 2 miles in the morning as well as the evening, increasing this when I am feeling able. I also want to start getting stronger and I feel the best way to do this is with bodyweight exercises. I decided to use bodyweight exercises instead of wieght training as 1. I don't want to shell out for weights when I can just use my own bodyweight and 2. I would have no place to put weights if I did buy then. Finally, I know this would sound silly as I do parkour but I always feel slightly embarrased about going to the gym. :(

I'm going to try to update every week from now on, seeing as I now have regular access to a computer. It's been a bit hard updating lately as I've been finishing college, applying for jobs and generally being homeless! haha.