Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Job

I got a job at the local college as a receptionist!

This will hopefully let me buy a new pair of trainers and get a flat so I can sort out my training properly.

On Monday I started my roadwork programme. I've not exercised regularly since I stopped playing football competitively about 4 years ago and before I found parkour my only exercise was drumming about 6-8 hours a week. For this reason I have decided to "ease" myself into regular exercise, starting with roadwork.

My roadwork programme basically consists of a 2 mile run twice. I can't do running in the morning as I don't have a regular place to sleep, so I can't be guaranteed a shower after I've been running! I decided to just do the two miles twice (with a 10 minute rest in between) at a regular time each night - 2230. I've so far only done two of these and I can honestly say that although my legs feel like jelly afterwards I wake up feeling brilliant!

Once I'm settled into a flat I intend on stepping things up a gear. I will do 2 miles in the morning as well as the evening, increasing this when I am feeling able. I also want to start getting stronger and I feel the best way to do this is with bodyweight exercises. I decided to use bodyweight exercises instead of wieght training as 1. I don't want to shell out for weights when I can just use my own bodyweight and 2. I would have no place to put weights if I did buy then. Finally, I know this would sound silly as I do parkour but I always feel slightly embarrased about going to the gym. :(

I'm going to try to update every week from now on, seeing as I now have regular access to a computer. It's been a bit hard updating lately as I've been finishing college, applying for jobs and generally being homeless! haha.

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