Sunday, June 25, 2006

I have been trying.... honest!

Recently I've finished college and between finding jobs and practicing/playing gigs with various bands I've not had as much time to work specifically on anything parkour related. Shame really.

I did get round to filming myself though. I can see instantly where I am going wrong from looking at the video footage, I run at too low a speed and with not enough conviction. I don't "attack" the obstacle like I should. I think I treat the obstacle with too much care, if that makes sense.

On a more postitive note, I managed to get good "catleap" technique in a spot which I've been looking at for about 6 months now! I need to work on the approach a bit more (launching with only one foot rather than stalling the run and launching with two) but it feels really good. As soon as my friend finds his DV cable to connect the video camera to the PC I will upload the videos I made; a progression of three short clips, all from differnt approaches.

Job - Flat - Shoes - Progression!

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