Friday, June 16, 2006

An introduction of sorts...

Ok, this is my first post in my brand new blog. Welcome etc... :D

This blog is for me, to make sure I actually do what I say I will. Putting it on the internet is a motivational tool. Saying that, if someone likes reading what I post then that’s excellent! I think it will also be good to look back on my progress.

First off, I am hoping to chart my progress in parkour with this blog. I may set myself targets and declare whether I achieved them or not. I may update with many, many pictures of myself (how sad!) But I guess you want to know what parkour is already? If you already know then either skip this part or send me a message telling me what I got wrong.

What is Parkour?

In the simplest of terms, parkour is “getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible, using only the capabilities of the human body.” In this one statement there have been countless arguments and many different factions arising on the various opinions regarding this statement.

Between these factions, parkour is called many things; an art, a sport, a discipline, a way of life. Personally, I believe it to be anything but a sport, mainly because in sport you have competition between individuals and between teams. In parkour you do not have teams (except those which are together for sponsorships and those teams are arguably not doing parkour anyway) and you do not compete against anyone but yourself. I guess it can be seen as an art form but personally I don’t see it that way although the graceful, efficient movement does provide a pleasingly aesthetic side effect.

For more info on parkour and David Belle, read the Wiki/F.A.Q. on

When I have a wee bit more time I will add another post, my first "real" post with progress so far and my aims and goals.


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