Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals for 2009

Yes, I'm aware the picture in the header is complete crap. I am looking for a better picture, possibly from my fight last month but for just now, that's the only one available! I've also changed the theme to one that is a bit less cluttered and easier to read.

This spring cleaning is a result of procrastination on my behalf. I have a 1,500/2,000 word Criminology essay due in on Thursday and I have only written about 250 words so far. It is an easy essay and I have everything I need to complete it including the knowledge but I really can't find the motivation to write the rest of it. It is a look at the creation of a criminal and the role nature and nurture play using a bunch of different theories. But I can't be arsed!

Since procrastination is the flavour of the week, I'm going to outline my plans for the year, in order to make sure that I'll actually do them! I have been thinking about this for the past few days and I've decided on achievable goals for the year 2009. So in no order, here they are:

  • By the end of the year, I want to be practising parkour at least twice a week. I will start working towards this as of next week, so that my criminology essay and psychology assessment is out of the way. Also, by next week my cold/flu/bug should be successfully vanquished and I'll be able to breathe properly!
  • I hope to have completed at the very least the short story I have started. I have a short story and a novel started and I would like to have the short story completely finished. It would be nice if I could get it published but I think I'll focus on actually finishing the story first! I have stories floating about in my head all day but never write anything down. If I get in the habit of writing for fun then I will hopefully be able to get more practice in and get published eventually. Finally, my plans for future employment may or may not be stable, so it would be advantageous if I'm confident I can write. Not a spectacular back up plan but a plan all the same, plus it will be fun! Sure, show me a blogger who doesn't want to be a writer, but all the same, it is a life goal I'll be working towards this year.
  • Continue to learn to cook. Well, last year wasn't a total wash out but I've not really learned many recipes at all! I'll have to learn at least 10 for the year to be happy about this goal. I think 10 is a good number of meals to be able to make and it is less than one a month. It is achievable and means I can choose progressively more difficult recipes, if my skills improve with each recipe that is!
  • My last goal is a double barrelled as they are both music related and may happen at a similar time. I want to tour with one of my bands and also write and record an album with one of them. This could happen with any three bands to be honest. before the year is up, I'd really like to do one of these. Both would be fantastic but these goals really depend on other people other than just me, so I can only try my hardest and hope for the best from my band mates.
Well, hopefully in a year I'll be posting about my published work, how well my tour went and the food I've been cooking. We'll see!

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