Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plans for February and March

Ok, so I did start running in the morning, which was my plan. I'm really glad I've done this as it involved getting up about an hour and a half before I usually do. Anyone who knows me will know I'm rubbish at getting up in the morning, so simply managing to escap the confines of my toasty bed is a real achievement! In addition to this, it really does wake you up and make you feel great for the rest of the day.

Next week I will continue to run twice a week in the morning, but in the next three weeks I will be increasing the time and distance I run. In the fifth week I will just run the two miles I started off with, to see if I can feel a difference. If there is a difference then I will start interval training. To start with, this will involve running hard (not sprinting) for one minute and thirty seconds and then jogging at a slower speed for one minute. This will emulate the demands of a fight. I will be doing this for another four weeks, making it three early starts a week. If I can feel any difference in my lung capacity and stamina over these four weeks I will be extremely happy and will probably have made bigger changes to my fitness in this time compared to when I was training for my fight.

I have decided I do want to fight again but first would like to get some ring experience at interclub competitions, which are basically sparring sessions with other clubs which ape a real fight (ring, ref and cornermen, if you want) but in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Many people often do more than one session at an interclub and the rules are pretty much the same as if you were sparring with someone from your own club.

So, my fitness plans for the next two months involve running and interval training. On top of this, I'll see if there is an interclub in March that I can go to and also continue to teach with Colin in schools. Finally, something I have not mentioned is parkour. The whole reason I started getting fitter was to be better at parkour but the fitness training seems to have taken over. I'll try to redress this in February, with at least one parkour session a week. I will not specify a time until next week for parkour sessions to take place.

February should also see Vulsellum starting to practice and gig again, should see me working again and finally, should also see me complete my research for college. Busy months ahoy!

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