Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some pics and movies...

Ok, I remembered I had a Photobucket.com account and that I had put a few photos in there so here ya go!

This is me training in my garden. The blocks are there to help my landing technique, not mark distance. My landing here is a bit guff... (video may/may not work)

This is one of my friends practicing his balance

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This is the perfect height for learning most vaults and that is exactly what I used it for!

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Darren airborne!

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Finally, I was trying to help my two pals with their diving saut de chat techniques and overall confidence. First is the video of me doing it, then my pal Darren's attempt.


Anonymous said...

nice teqnique there but try to pause lest before you go into the vault

The Saiyans said...

cool cool..