Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Standing Jump

I have found a spot in Arbroath where I can drill standing jumps for as long as I want without being disrupted. At the business entrance for a local gear making company there is a nice area with a few trees and a view of the river. The trees are in what is best described as a concrete box filled with earth.This box is no higher than my knees. Anyway, round the edges of the "concrete box" there are ledges about as wide as my foot is long and the distance between then is about 8 and a half of my feet. I know for a fact that I can get to 9 of my feet, but that's not a comfortable land. I can make 8 and a half feet, but again, that's not comfortable either.

I plan to drill this one day this weekend. Possibly Sunday. Hopefully I will get some pictures as this blog seems to be lacking in the image department!

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