Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muay Thai

Ok, I know I said I was going to do boxing but I accidentally came across Muay Thai - Thai boxing. I watched one session of muay thai take place and I instantly knew this was what I wanted to do, not boxing. Muay Thai claims to not only get you fit, but get you fighting fit (what a line!)

On top of getting extremely fit (which is what I desperately need), I also have never really learned to fight properly. I mean, I'm so bad I have been headbutted and punched and not retaliated through lack of confidence that I could do anything. In the few weeks I've been attending training I feel I now have the confidence to stand up to anyone who confronts me.

In the greater picture, I feel I have taken a step forward in becoming the most useful person I can be. In my opinion, parkour is not just about overcoming obstacles of concrete, metal, height or distance. To me, it is not just about escaping but about being useful. I feel that this is where the roots of parkour lie and where my true path lies. In learning Muay Thai I have taken a step towards something positive. I am taking action for the future, so that I can protect my loved ones from physical harm when they are around me. I am also taking steps to effectively protect myself from anyone who is overly aggressive towards me.

I am still making progress, It's just getting harder to maintain a view on the future while concentrating on the now.

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