Saturday, March 07, 2009

Just a quick post to say that I've added a Twitter widget to my page on the right hand site. Sometimes I tweet rubbish and sometimes it is, well I actually just post loads of crap! However, if you want to read my crap with a character limit then I'm over at

Also, a quick shout out to Mike, BJ and Aberdeen David who all share similar goals to me. We will get to fighting and rolling soon! Mike - I'll start reading up on the kimura for sure, I am also now somewhat familiar with the americana arm lock and the peruvian necktie. Obviously I'm still a total n00b but I'm increasing my BJJ "vocabulary, so to speak. I think next time me and Graham get to grappling I want to drill positioning and using my hips properly. Will also need to work on sweeps because I have next to no experience and have only read a little about sweeps. Got my hands on the very old "Gracie Jui Jitsu Basics" 3 part video so I'll see what Rorion has to say about sweeping!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll have some videos up in the next month or so encompassing all the training I do in the parkour spirit.

"Etre fort pour ĂȘtre utile"
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Martin said...

Hey Kieran, appreciate you reaching out. I like the blog, and it's interesting to read about your parkour and muay thai training. Look forward to discussing with you more in the future.

kieraninmotion said...

Yo, thanks for following my blog. I'm doing a similar thing to you but not 101 goals, considerably less! I'm going to blog about this soon.

Michael said...

Thanks for the shout out. I've not been online as much for the past month so I've kind of fallen behind on all the little things I used to regularly check up on - like your blog! I'm hopefully going to have a quiet afternoon in work tomorrow so I plan on skiving off a bit and reading through your posts to see how your training has been going.