Sunday, March 01, 2009

Graham and I decided to hire out a hall in the local sports centre so that we could try out some grappling basics such as takedowns, bridging, sprawling and some basic submissions as well as controlling your opponent.

We worked on single and double leg takedowns and then picked a few submissions we would like to try from Ken Shamrock's "Beyong the Lion's Den" book. Think what you will about Ken but his tutorials are amazing.

We we at it for an hour and managed to practice takedowns, sprawling, kneebar and triangle. It was outstanding fun and hopefully we'll be doing it again soon. We've set each other the homework of trying to theoretically know another hold that we can try out next time. I really want to guillotine him so that might be mine! He totally by accident caught me in an armbar too! Well, he only half knew what he was doing so it was half by accident that I was in the right place etc.

Only downside is that he poked me in the eye with his thumb and I have a wee tear beside my tear duct. Have to make sure that doesn't get worse according to Lynn. If you have any ideas about fairly easy holds or something let me know.


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Michael said...

I'm not surprised you were having fun with the grappling training, it's great fun!

If you're looking for a new submission to work on how about working on the Kimura next time you're training. It's a relatively simple, and more importantly, low risk submission hold. You can look for it from both side control and mount. When you feel comfortable with the grip involved you might also want to look at using the Kimura to sweep from your full guard.

You've probably been looking through plenty of online resources already but here's one of my favourites:

If you're looking to get in some extra training time (and don't mind making the journey to Dundee!) I'm down at the karate school at Seagate most Saturdays around 2pm with a small group of guys. Also, we now have the use of an area in Dundee Union on Wednesday evenings from 6pm (and it's free!). I should be there every Wednesday if you decide you want to come along. I've got a day of work tomorrow so I'm going to make the most of that and get some rolling in then too!

Keep up with the training updates. It makes for interesting reading.