Monday, November 03, 2008

Official start of training - 34 days left!

Since I have 34 days until I fight I've picked up the intensity of my normal workout and will now be training everyday aside from Friday and Sunday. Just completed my Monday workout which consists of interval training 5 exercises with the intervals being 30 seconds full effort, 10 seconds rest x 4, but between each 30+10 I've got a 30 second rest so it wroks out like: 30 on 10 off, 30 on 30 off, 30 on, 10 off, 30 on ->- 10 secs before start of next exercise.

Split Squats
Calf Raises
Tuck Jumps

Calf Raises and Squats were done with 6kg handweights. Gonna work up to doing tuck jumps with 6kg hand weights too.

Training with Colin and Graham at 5pm tonight where I'll do a mixture of callesthenics to warm up followed by 2x2 min rounds of skipping, 4 laps round the mats (maybe 400m in total) and then stretch off before we find out what Colin has in store for us. Most probably some technique work, pad work - 5x2 - hands (focus mitts), legs, all weapons then maybe either technique sparring or full contact sparring for 5x2 mins. If its anything drastically different I'll update, if not, I'll let you know how the core body workout went.

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