Monday, November 03, 2008

Training tonight went good. we done a little bit of everything. After warming up we worked on technical hand sparring taking turns at picking shots and covering up and countering etc etc. I started pad work poorly but felt much better as the rounds went on. Started using the speedbag tonight in between rounds too (while Graham was on the pads) and it is quite tricky, never used one before you see. I started just hitting it but after a while I used it as an attack and covered up, trying to cover up fast enoough to not get hit in the puss.

Sparring was much tighter tonight but I need to pay attention to my footwork because I'm still getting carried away every now and again whereas I should be relaxed all the time. I am generally much more relaxed now but occasionally I get excited and swing for the fences...

Last saturday I dislocated my toe which was total pain in the arse (or well, foot) but it seems to be getting much better so much quicker than I thought and is almost fully healed now. I'm still getting a slight shooting pain when I hit it and an aching after training but I think this will never go away and may also just be because it is cold. few of my joints get stiff in winter (getting old!)

Found out the name of the guy I'm fighting today. He is from the Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy which means that he will have been taught well and will be sparring with top class fighters day in-day out. So he will be a good test for me. I'm really looking forward to beating someone from such a good camp. GTBA have a great reputation so hopefully I can do my coach and my camp proud.

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