Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ran 4.2km today in 20 mins and 26.67 seconds. My average speed was 7.7 which is fine. I need to keep a eye on my speed because I'm using this as an indicator of my aerobic/anaerobic limit. I'm only aerobic at below 8.0 mph while running this distance so I'll be looking to keep it below 8 really when I'm jogging and above 8/8.5 when I'm doing my sprints.

The running  today was really nice because the tide was out so I took a slightly different route to run beside the sea. I forgot however, that the beach at Arbroath stinks like shit when the tide is out! I was attacked by loads of flies too.

Thai training tonight so hopefully I can get some sparring in.  Been watching  DREAM 5 & 6 over the last two days so I'm bursting to spar. Since I can't batter a heavy bag every day just now I'm gonna start conditioning my shins again with a long pad. Need to go to the doctor to see why my toe is still painful. I'm certain I broke it before my fight and it is still giving me bother. I can move, run, dodge, jump etc fine but it won't bend.

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