Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can't stop thinking about fighting again! There are unmatched fighters on New Breed 5 in March but I really don't have the time to train for it! I've got to have my research project handed in by Aprilso rally it has to be completed this month and written up next month - Plus I've been accepted into a 3 year honours course at Dundee provided I get a B in this research and a B in my exam so I can't just do any old shit cos it needs to be good.

About to go out for another run - I've mostly been keeping to my schedule but Graham fancied a run tonight and its a nice night. I'll try running with my hand weights to see how that feels. I ran 3.9km yesterday at an average speed of around 8.4 mph so I'll need to slow down slightly but its fine otherwise. Tomorrow I'll be doing interval training - running hard for 1 min 30 then jogging slower for 1 min. I'll do that 5 times and see how I get on.

Class tonight too so hopefully I can get more sparring in :)


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