Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Challenge Results

Not to make excuses, but I had more on at the weekend than I though. I had to work on Saturday and I got roped into christmas shopping with my girlfriend on Sunday!


I went home and done press ups, pull ups and chin ups. I didnt keep track of numbers. It was bitterly cold outside and raining horribly so I stayed in with my book and some music. Every 10 minutes or so I would stop reading and do something physical like 20 pull ups, or 20 press ups, then read (rest) for a bit, then do more. I musta done quite a few because I done this for a few hours.


After I had finished work at 3 on Saturday I went home, got changed and headed straight back out to train in the cold. :(
I was training from about half 3 to half 5 on one wall, just on climb ups. I know 2 hours sounds weak to those of you who are hardcore, but that is plenty for me as I am that weak!


Most of the training done today consisted of carrying shopping bags around town :(
I'm gonna make up for the lack of training on Sunday by training tonight as well. I have to paint the ceiling tonight, but I found that my loft is perfect for practicing clump-ups...!


Anonymous said...

2 hours on wall wall that is alot :)

Anonymous said...

I agree...
2hrs is a lot on drilling climb ups, credit to you Kieran in your training. Keep up the drilling as you will soon be rewarded for your hard effort my friend.

And as for not counting, that can be a good thing, just train to failure, and listen to your body.

I have been reading your blog and it is quality reading, as well explain your journey in great detail.

Keep up the fine work Kieran!


kieraninmotion said...

Cheers for the comments. I'm going to continue working on my climb-ups, they have improved dramatically but still need work - not consistent :(

Thanks :)