Friday, November 03, 2006

Training tonight

I was training Muay Thai last night, and it wasn't as physically intense as it usually is because I was training footwork and also Yaang Saam Khum (three stride movement) as well as my left and right low kicks on the heavy bag. Tonight I plan on making myself work hard!

There are two things which I don't like about my parkour at the moment.

1. Take Off

When I take off for a vault or whatever, I will usually stall (as seen on my video below) slightly before taking off. I think that learning a split foot takeoff will improve this, as well as make me more efficient in my movements. I plan on learning this, or at least making a start, tonight.

2. Climb-ups

These are a real weak point. I have very good power and strength in my legs but because of this, my upper body is pretty weak. My climb ups are really really rubbish, so tonight I will also be working on these.

I know it may not be sensible to train both upper and lower body in the same period, so I am thinking about going out tomorrow morning as well. In the afternoon I'm going to see a guy in my Muay Thai club fight. Should be fun!

I leave you with this photo of my mate, Graham. This was the second time he came out training with me. He has since decided parkour is not for him and is sticking solely to boxing, but at least the photo is good :)

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