Sunday, September 06, 2009

In two weeks I will have fought my second muay thai fight.  My training is going quite well and my reactions and speed are much better than last time. My main strengths are looking to be match winners and I have developed a new weapon for this fight which I am looking forward to testing.  In addition, my weaknesses are getting stronger which is bad news for my opponent.

I always seem to have some sort of injury though. This seems to be common with fighters who are training seriously and fighting at the top level. I can only assume that I have not prepared for my serious training well and my body simply isn't used to training this hard. My diet is ok and I am getting enough rest so it must just be hard acclimatising. I'm certain I will be 100% fit to fight but it is still annoying to continually have niggling injuries.

Mike - We are still in the Cafe Project for Muay Thai from half 7 to half 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I grapple with an informal group on Wedensday 4-6 and Saturday mornings 9-11 in the Sports Centre at the High School although it is justan invitation only thing at the moment I think. I really want to try out ammy MMA as well, I would need to get my ground a bit tighter though! Lynn and I plan to move to Dundee when she gets a job, however I start university in Dundee on the 14th and expect to be there a lot in any case. Still wanna meet up and roll with you.

Until after my fight, good day to you all. x

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Dundee Parkour said...

Good luck wth your fight, kieran!!!