Monday, August 17, 2009

Today I started my second week of fight training. last weeek was much tougher than I anticipated because I was so out of shape. Now, I am not going to tell you I am fat because that would be a bare faced lie but I did have the beginnings of a wee pot belly and I was certainly heavier. I weighed myself before starting training and I was shocked to discover I was about 90kg. That's around 14st or 198lb. Since I am fighting at 79kg, you can understand that I was amazed.

I am now around 82kg since I cut out a lot of crap in my diet and started traiining properly. let me tell you that crash loosing around 8kg is not nice! Every session last week felt like double what it was. At the end of an hour long class I felt like I had just completed two hours of hard sparring. My body was also starting to feel it as my left bicep and left shoulder started to give in. I rested well over the weekend and we eased off a little in sparring tonight so that my shoulder had an extra day but I think my body is adjusting to the harder training now.

I will not give away too much on what I am working on in my training sessions but I've only had one really bad session where I was in a foul mood afterwards because I felt I performed terribly, the rest have been fairly positive.

In training for my last fight I was focusing more on getting my body annd mind ready to fight, in that mental state where you can fight and not be self concious, as I found myself to be previously. That type of attitude is gone and I sorely want this one to end with my arms raised. My mental state has changed the way I approach training and in recognising this, my trainers have changed the training. last fight I only really went into that ring with my right hand, my right kick and rudimentary movement. This time however, I am training all my weapons and all angles. My knees are feeling really good from close, mid and long range. My hands are tighter and I am wasting less shots. My defence is feeling a bit tighter and can only improve as we get more sparring in. My kicks still need some work but they are perfectly functional. The fact that I am concerned more with correcting technique for the judges rather than power (of which there is plenty) in itself displays a marked improvement to the training for my last fight. I am satisfied with my progress and feel I am going to come into this fight a much better prepared fighter than last time. I am certain I will have no nerves this time and will win because I will be better prepared and in a better mental state than my opponent.

I said last time KO in the 3rd but my coach thinks that if I stick to the plan and don't lose my head  as I did last time then I could probably get a KO or TKO quicker than that. I certainly hope so. I want to make this opponent pay for my failure to win last time.

I am hungry.


TraceurDavid said...

Giving up is never an option, remember that.. cant wait to see you compete.

Michael said...

Hi Kieran, I've not read your blog for ages and have just been reading through your last few entries. That's cool that you've got another fight lined up. Where is it going to be? If it's somewhere local-ish I'll try and come along. What days/times do you do your Muay Thai and grappling training? My hockey season has started up again so with training and games I'm through in Arbroath 3 or 4 times a week and it clashes alot with the times I can usually train. Would love to get some more training in though if you guys train at a time I'm not playing hockey.

One of my usual training partners had an amateur MMA fight last week and after seeing the standard of a few of the fights I'm now itching to fight! I know I'm not ready yet but the standard of most of the guys' groundgames was appauling. I think if I could focus on getting my standup game to be s bit less.....rubbish, then I'd feel I was in a position to atleast give it a go.

Are you still planning on moving to Dundee?


kieraninmotion said...

Cheers David. It will be online the week after hopefully on

Mike - I've addressed a reply in a new blog entry but if you want to come see me fight I am fighting in Grangemouth on the 19th of September. It is £25 a ticket and you can get them from Bobby Quinn on 07979438969

Poster is here: