Tuesday, September 23, 2008

At class tonight Graham and I were going over our respective gradings. I'm going to be doing my 6th (brown) whereas Graham will be sitting his 5th (blue and white). Graham has a slight niggling injury to both feet from trying to kick me outside of his range, so his toes and/or bridge of his feet hit me instead of his shin. This has built up over the past while and he has now decided to wear foot protection while doing everything as well as using his kicks sparingly for the moment.

With this in mind we were careful while practicing techniques for our respective gradings and tried to use the bag instead of the pads as much as we could with kick and knee techniques so we could avoid aggravating his feet/toes.

After this we had 15/20 mins left so we decided to do some play/technical sparring. I have been working on using my knee as a counter since my jab reach is about the same as the reach I have with my knee! I managed to get a few round knees into grahams ribs while evading his punches which I was proud of. I also got a bare knuckle punch to the bridge of my nose which was just a bit sore!

All in all, it was a good class since we got a good workout at the start and worked on movement and the technical aspect of our game (due to Graham's foot not being able to stand up to hard sparring). Next session is Thursday. As of next week I think Graham and I will be meeting with Colin once a week outside of class to start extra training for our fights. I'll write here if this gets arranged for next week.

Back Thursday :)

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