Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Detox! Plus other Kieran related news!

After a few failed attempts to change over to a better diet, I am going to try a 4 day detox in the hopes that it will kick start a healthier period. I'm starting this on Monday and I'll be able to post up a blog each day to show how I'm getting. I will have a lot of spare time soon because...

I'm leaving the college on Friday(!) as it does not interest me any more. I need to be doing something which keeps me active, either physically or mentally and this does neither. I'm sitting on my bum all day wishing I was outside. I don't mind the phones and helping people but the work on top of that I have to do (logging application forms and sending out prospectuses and reference requests) is extremely boring and I feel like I'm going crazy working here. It's a frustrating situatioin because this is by far the best place I have ever worked and the people here are all fantastic! You get good banter with both staff and students and there is always something going on, whether it be internal drama that you can follow via e-mail or students having punch ups outside! Unfortunately though, I don't think the college can offer me what I need and So I'll be looking for something else soon.

There was the possiblility of working with my mum in her shop but new owners came in and got busted with loads of debt and had to liquidate, leaving my mum unemployed and the shop closed. She was in that job for 8 years and is a bit upset. So am I, cos there is no chance of me getting a job! hahaha! Seriously though, it's a horrible situation for her. We are now both unemployed, which is a bit weird!

I started working with Argos at the weekends and I'm gonna be getting a lot more hours from them when I leave, which will help a lot!

On Thursday I'm gonna be ordering a veggie box from a local farm and I'm also gonna have to decide which fruit to eat. This should be fun!

Next week will consist of:

  • Oblivion & Blue Dragon on xbox 360
  • Muay Thai
  • Parkour
  • Job hunting
  • Caffeine cravings!
  • Reading
  • Argos

Update no.1 coming Monday!



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